Monday, April 26, 2010

"The Front Runner"

A busy April has kept me hopping...unfortunately only some of it has been at my drawing board! Here are a few updates...

My Trail of Painted Pony figurine, The Front Runner has arrived! I have a number of low editions that are signed and are available purchase. I will also hold a couple of others back to embellish and sign. Not sure what the embellishments will be, but I will post them here when they are in progress. These will be ready some time early summer.
If you are interested in purchasing a pony, please contact me.

Two of my miniatures ("A Lite Bite" and "The Raspberry Thief")have been accepted into the Artcetra Auction, to be held on Thursday, May 6th to Saturday, May 8th at the Elora Center for the Arts. There will be free previews and both a silent and live auction. Visit their site for further info

And last, but not least; I am working on a sweet little portrait of Max the Bunny, but can't post anything until he's done and the client has okayed it---Look for him possibly next week :-)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thumbs Down for Horsemania

I have been oh-so-patiently waiting for a letter from Lexington, Kentucky on the Horsemania 2010 project but it still has not arrived, so I bite the bullet and phoned them. After speaking to the wonderful Tanya, I found out that my design was not accepted for this project.


Horse mania 2010 is a re-visit of an earlier project Lexington ran in 2000. They got lifesize acrylic pony statues that individual artists painted. It was so successful that they chose to do it again, this time running the event through the World Equestrian Games.

I'm not going to be there. Bummer.

Over 450 entries were submitted and the judges had to par it down to 79. That must have been difficult...

I have posted my design and think I will have a go at painting it on a small resin horse form and see how that turns out. I really liked it, but it might have been too illustrative for their purposes. I know there were some great designs(graphic) submitted.

The horse form was the "Grazing Horse" I was going to paint a group of girls pouring over books on a library shelf. All the girls are horse crazy and sport the ubiquitous horse-crazy-girl pony tail.
The books they are looking at would have been individually titled using the great stories that h-c-g grow up on: Black Beauty, the Black Stallion, Bonnie (the Thoroughbred) Billy and Blaze, the Saddle Club etc. It would have been a little interactive trip down memory lane...

And the title? PONY TALES!