Thursday, May 27, 2010

Max the Bunny Portrait

5.25" x 5.25" Watercolor on WC board

Time just keeps on slipping away around here! However, my Max the Bunny portrait is completed and delivered to happy clients;
Thanks to Liz and Katherine for being patient and having such a wonderful buns!
My friend owned a dwarf rabbit and he was a character, but Max surprised me by being so friendly and individual; He obviously loves his humans, asks to be petted and he was quite adorable :-)

Above is the finished piece and the sketch we went with (left), while below is a little montage of Max sketches. When I put it together I thought it might look quite nice as an overall bunny painting. I am sure that idea came from fellow artist Kimberly Kelly Santini's latest post about her own wonderful "Westie" montage Check it out- it looks great!

I also want to send out my congratulations to miniature artist Tracy Hall, who had her gorilla painting, entitled "Pensive," shortlisted for the 2010 Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue Mahogany

Blue Mahogany
Miniature Watercolor 3"w x 4"h

I had done a little miniature for the Pyramid Society's Art Auction but realized I never posted about it! The painting is now on its way to Kentucky and will hopefully find a lovely new owner come June :-)

It was done in watercolor on smooth wc paper (the penny is there to show scale). I was pretty pleased with it, but might have changed the head position a bit so that the interior daisy design was also visible behind the top of the neck crest. This would have given some more continuity to the background. Now back to finishing up my lovely Max portrait :-)