Thursday, March 28, 2013

Icelandics at the Equine Can-Am

Not much on the easel still means just a little...I recently completed an embellished TOPP Front Runner pony for a very interesting cause...

"The Front Runner"; hand painted mini portrait on base, repainted figurine, signed.
A few months back I received a phone call inquiring about an artwork donation. Now as many artists know, these requests always present a conundrum; there are so many worthy causes, but if we gave away art and framing and shipping to everyone that asked, we'd be more than broke! What to do, what to do!

Well, this one was pretty easy.
The call was from 18 year-old Sydney Horas who, along with fellow equestrianne Victoria Stoncius, were going to represent Canada at the Icelandic Horse World Championships, held in Berlin, Germany this August.

They were requesting donations to auction off at the 2013 Equine Can-Am in order to raise money for travel expenses... yes, they have to raise money.

No help from any bigwigs, Air Canada, Sport Canada OR Equine Canada.
In fact, Equine Canada has never responded to their many requests.
So much for a national organization who's mandate is to "to serve, promote and protect the interests of horses and Canada's equestrian community."
Guess representing your country overseas doesn't count....

Yours Truly painting away!
I was impressed that the girls were so organized and took the initiative to call, so I 're-created' a Trail of Painted Ponies Front Runner figurine, repainting, glazing and embellishing with a small head study on the base.
This is an artist's original, with a very low edition #54/2500, signed by the artist (me!) and in its original box w/ packaging.

If you are a TOPP collector, or thoroughbred enthusiast, check it out! The girls will be at Equine Can-Am in the breeds section with OnIce Horse Farm  showcasing their wonderful Icelandic Horses. Bidding will not only get you a fantastic collectible but help out Sydney and Victoria as well!

Hand painted mini portrait on base

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Not much going on on the easel for the last while; my blog can attest to that!
With some recent switch ups in my employment status, I am hoping to be painting on a more consistant schedule but in the meantime...

Christmas Commission
This is a portrait and an ornament commission that I did back in December.
This is  Buddy, a much dearly loved and very much missed Maltese.

"Buddy" Watercolor Portrait
Buddy loved to sit inside of bags/boxes (almost cat-like) and I painted him sitting inside an oversized shoulder bag with a special "Buddy" name tag.
And here is his little ceramic ornament:

Buddy-Ceramic ornament