Friday, August 15, 2014

Around the's coming!

And if you want a very special gift for a special someone for that special season, email me for more info; I am now booking orders :-)

The following is "Tiffany"
I remembered to take some progress pics this time :-)
Thanks to our friends at Beattie Animal Hospital for the recommendation!

Monday, August 11, 2014

New CKC CHAMPION Brighthope Power Point!

We have 2 beautiful Blue Picardy Spaniels that make up part of our family. The "Baby" (now 3.5yrs old) is Dax and this weekend he finished up his Canadian Championship at the Kilbride Kennel Club Show in Milton!
We don't show very much but have a good time when we do, alongside breeder Vicki Duncan and crew. Dax picked up his final 2 points on Saturday but lost Best of Breed to his Daddy, Ciron, who was in the ring for his final appearence at the age of 9. On Sunday Dax totally surprised his handler (me!) and and took Best of Breed over the handsome Dapper ... we didn't do anything in group, but we were one tired dog and handler combination ;-)
P.S. Don't know why my eyes are shut...probably praying LOL!

Dax asking "Did I do good, did I? Huh, did I?"