Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Projects and....a Puppy!

Time does fly! Literally! These months have evaporated, between being busy at my "bill paying job" and trying to finish up 4 projects on the go (all of a creative nature) I have had a very full plate.
So while I do have art to show you, I must to wait for client approvals and a birthday to pass before posting. In the interim....

We did it.

We got a puppy.

And no, you can't see the hole in my head.

Only my mother can.
And apparently she is able to do this no matter how old I get ;-)

So I thought I would share a bunch of those mushy, gushy isn't-he-the-cutest-thing puppy pictures! (Note: For those of you serious blog readers, you might want to stop here as the remaining part of my post gets awfully syrupy)

We already have an almost-5-year-old-Blue Picardy Spaniel in our family and were going to get, at some point, when we had more space, another Blue. Fate had other plans, and waiting was not part of them, so excuses were set aside and we welcomed home Brighthope Power Point, aka "DAX" (Eighteen weeks young as of yesterday)

Although I'm sure he still hopes, for the most part Suede has resigned himself that the puppy is not leaving and has become a wonderful big uncle and role model to little Dax.
Note Dax's careful positioning to be just like his big buddy Suede! (The following pictures were NOT posed. Honest!)

Too precious right? They cuddle like that all the time. I can't help but smile; if only life was that easy!! And Dax will pretty much cuddle with anyone that will have him....

Dax is named after a medival French city, and he is the only son of the wonderful Ciron of Brighthope kennels. With a litter of 1 boy and 6 girls, Ciron obviously likes to produce girls! Dax will get a little darker as he ages; he will be a black and grey roan. Right now he is a super gangly youngster....

Here is Dax trying out for a part on "Meercat Manor"...

We can already see glimpses of the handsome dog that Dax will become.... they grow up so quickly!