Thursday, April 5, 2012

Top 20 Finalist!

Great news! One of my Painted Pony submissions, PAINT FOR A DAY, made it into the top 20 finalists. Now it is up to public voting to pick the winners. Please surf on over to the voting page and check out all the wonderful ponies... of course I would LOVE to have you vote for my pony :-D

 Note: Unfortunately, TOPP was unable to print the little stories behind each pony. To recap my "Paint for a Day" story, please check my previous post

Sunday, April 1, 2012

APHA and the Trail of Painted Ponies II

Here is my other entry into this competition: "Paint Jubilee"

This little pony is celebrating the milestone achieved by the American Paint Horse Association-50 YEARS!

I have tried to impart the "Jubilee" feeling by using a Western look with the old-style banners and bunting decorations, plus the wonderful type face that used to adorn their posters...and of course, red, white and blue, with some gold thrown in for the 50th!

I can just see this handsome fellow strutting down Main St., to the cheers of his on lookers!! :-)