Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas- Day 5

And here is the next one; another for my sister and yes Susan, you are right! It was the invitation. You may be able to see it a bit better in this ornament, cut up into strips and curled inside a glass ball. The blue color on this pic is more accurate as we took this photo outside in natural daylight.
I was really pleased with these two, and got the idea from a variety of sites. Take a look here-Glass Ball and here-Triangle Ball. I'm not sure where the ideas first originated, but they sure are beautiful--Thanks for the inspiration ladies!!

Christmas-Day 4

Whoops! Forgot to post this yesterday!

Continuing on in the ornament theme; here is the first of 2 ornaments that I made for my sister (Sorry about the poor pic; my photography team wasn't on their game with this shoot:-D ).
Some background info; She is getting married in, oh, about a week and a half, in a winter wonderland wedding. Her colors are white and icy blue with lots of sparkle :-D

Can you see what the ornament was made out of??

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas-Day 3

From Calendars back to Christmas ornaments;

Here is another little bauble I painted for a close friend. It is a porcelain ball and has a parade of puppies. There is a boxer, beagle, cocker spaniel, golden retriever and a little westie. (Sorry, the pic of the side with the little westie was under exposed and didn't turn out).
The ornament was painted in sepias and hunter green, finished off with a light mocha and golden bow for a bit of 'bling.'

One of the hardest things about painting on a sphere is how to hold it still! Tried two items that worked: an egg cup, which was okay but a little slippery, then used a cardboard egg carton, which worked great!

Monday, December 26, 2011


One project that had kept me busy had more of a design aspect than an artistic one...

Being the owner of two beautiful blue picardy spaniels, I am involved in the breed and, with the help of other owners submitting pics, we have produced a calendar showcasing these great canines--13 wonderful months of blue beauties!!!!! The proceeds of the calendar sales will go to finance future "Blue" events.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! Day 1

I have made it back to the land of the bloggers. Plain and simple, "life" has bulldozed through and I have not had the opportunity to sit at my desk and create art for art's sake.

I do have a few things to show you that have blossomed within the last few months, so in honour of the season and the 12 days of Christmas, I will post you Twelve Days of Art
Above is a hand painted porcelain Christmas ornament of "Indy"

A very Merry Yule to everyone and their families, human and four-legged and all the best for a stellar 2012!!!!:-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TOPP Competition Entries

Another project finished (for now)...
The Trail of Painted Pony people put out a call for entries and I managed to get 2 finished. I had two additional ideas but they just didn't translate well once I got them sketched out over a pony. I only wish I had more time to paint these two on real figurines.

Anyway, TOPP will be taking all the entries, picking the best 10 in each of the six categories and will put them online for voting. I've seen some of the other entries and they are awesome so we'll wait and see....fingers crossed mine get in!


This pony began as a blast of color, with brilliantly hued parrots bursting out of dark, lush rainforest foliage.
As they "flew" along my pony, I couldn't help but be reminded of the circus horse pageantry, and the way they too "burst" out of the darkness into the circus ring limelight, adorned in their own finery and bling, ready to delight and dazzle us with color, beauty and power...from there it was a natural progression for my design to morph the pony into a tattooed, feathered performer ready for his cue!
I most definitely want to paint this design on a blank pony in the future


Pure fun, this pony is the ultimate play on words...I've taken a number of creative words that are used to describe a perfect pony type but then rendered each word in a different style of type face (font)!
I've made the words in black on a warm cream dun colored pony with her own white bling (socks and blaze). In contrast to the design above, colors were kept fairly muted to keep attention on the words and meaning of the figurine.
Will this make it to a hand painted original? Not sure, doing justice to all those typefaces will take some care.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy (Belated) Mother's Day

I ♥ U Bear
5"x5" Coloured Pencil on Pastelmat

Happy Mom's Day!

Playing catch up here with my celebrations....all that special treatment over the weekend must have got to my head!! Seriously, had a lovely, lovely time and hoping all the other moms out there did as well.
In honour of our special day, I have finally completed this commission for an extremely patient client....Thank you so much Linda!

(I'll post the second half to this pair tomorrow)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Front Runner Autographed Ed. Sold Out!

Last year I posted about a design of mine being made into a Painted Pony Collectible Figurine. Well, I'm happy to say that earlier this month, the Autographed edition sold out!
One of the projects I've been juggling (with a number of others) has been to embellish one of my ponies. Well, it's finished!(below)
Just to explain a bit here: The TOPP Figurines are sold beautifully painted and numbered. The artists are then allowed to take their ponies and paint, add to or embellish them in any way. I have taken this figurine and repainted the horse so he is a dark bay with undertones of red, touched up the riders and ponies, added a hand painted chestnut foal galloping across the base, signed it and glazed the entire piece.

The picture at the top of the post is of the original figurine, the pictures below are of the embellished pony. This may be sold privately, but if not, it will go up in an ebay auction next week.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter!

Monday, April 4, 2011

What's old is new?

I did a double take at the grocery store when I saw the People's cover memorializing Elizabeth Taylor. Looks like People's art directors and I have the same taste in beautiful photos!

I got around to rummaging through some old drawings and pulled out the one above. I did this years ago, at least 10, with a limited palette of coloured pencils on super slick Lettraset paper (if some of you remember that!) A softer rendition, using lots of cross-hatching throughout the face, then directional strokes through the hair. I still like it :-)

A stunning woman and a film icon; a heartbreaking loss~Godspeed, Liz.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Projects and....a Puppy!

Time does fly! Literally! These months have evaporated, between being busy at my "bill paying job" and trying to finish up 4 projects on the go (all of a creative nature) I have had a very full plate.
So while I do have art to show you, I must to wait for client approvals and a birthday to pass before posting. In the interim....

We did it.

We got a puppy.

And no, you can't see the hole in my head.

Only my mother can.
And apparently she is able to do this no matter how old I get ;-)

So I thought I would share a bunch of those mushy, gushy isn't-he-the-cutest-thing puppy pictures! (Note: For those of you serious blog readers, you might want to stop here as the remaining part of my post gets awfully syrupy)

We already have an almost-5-year-old-Blue Picardy Spaniel in our family and were going to get, at some point, when we had more space, another Blue. Fate had other plans, and waiting was not part of them, so excuses were set aside and we welcomed home Brighthope Power Point, aka "DAX" (Eighteen weeks young as of yesterday)

Although I'm sure he still hopes, for the most part Suede has resigned himself that the puppy is not leaving and has become a wonderful big uncle and role model to little Dax.
Note Dax's careful positioning to be just like his big buddy Suede! (The following pictures were NOT posed. Honest!)

Too precious right? They cuddle like that all the time. I can't help but smile; if only life was that easy!! And Dax will pretty much cuddle with anyone that will have him....

Dax is named after a medival French city, and he is the only son of the wonderful Ciron of Brighthope kennels. With a litter of 1 boy and 6 girls, Ciron obviously likes to produce girls! Dax will get a little darker as he ages; he will be a black and grey roan. Right now he is a super gangly youngster....

Here is Dax trying out for a part on "Meercat Manor"...

We can already see glimpses of the handsome dog that Dax will become.... they grow up so quickly!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

One More Christmas Post

Christmas 2010, Enamel paints on porcelain

I wanted to show something different I did this year;
This is an original hand painted ornament I created for an extra-special Christmas gift :-D
It is a flat, porcelain ornament and I used enamel paints, with some gold burnishing on the background. It was a pretty good surface to paint on and I was very pleased with the outcome.

For inspiration on this piece, I tip my hat in the direction of Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor, who has painted a few of her own ornaments. I found the porcelain blanks one day and decided to give it a try.
Surf on by and check out her artwork on her regular blog and her fabulous Painted Ponies (one of my New Years resolutions is to save up my pennies for one of Jen's original ponies this year!) You won't be disappointed!

Everyone is back and school and/or work tomorrow and I will be trying to finish up my entries for this year's Art Show at the Dog Show. Will try to post work in progress....stay tuned!