Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Front Runner Autographed Ed. Sold Out!

Last year I posted about a design of mine being made into a Painted Pony Collectible Figurine. Well, I'm happy to say that earlier this month, the Autographed edition sold out!
One of the projects I've been juggling (with a number of others) has been to embellish one of my ponies. Well, it's finished!(below)
Just to explain a bit here: The TOPP Figurines are sold beautifully painted and numbered. The artists are then allowed to take their ponies and paint, add to or embellish them in any way. I have taken this figurine and repainted the horse so he is a dark bay with undertones of red, touched up the riders and ponies, added a hand painted chestnut foal galloping across the base, signed it and glazed the entire piece.

The picture at the top of the post is of the original figurine, the pictures below are of the embellished pony. This may be sold privately, but if not, it will go up in an ebay auction next week.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter!


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Beautiful! Love your drawing of Liz below too. I was just reading that she owned the horse that played The Pie after National Velvet.

Kim Ratigan said...

Thanks Jen! I never knew Liz was an actual horse person off screen; That's pretty neat that she owned him. Just like Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves. I believe he was given or bought his horse from the movie too :-)