Thursday, March 29, 2012

APHA and The Trail of Painted Ponies

There is a new competition out at the Trail of Painted Ponies. The APHA has joined in this event and together they are looking for pony designs that represent both associations.
I have a few that I may enter, and here is the one that I personally like the best....

The title is "Paint for a Day"
Hopefully the title and image is strong enough to carry across the idea, but just in case its not quite there...

This little pony is a lovely BAY, but its young owner has an idea that she could be even prettier if she was a paint! But how to do that? With paint of course! So out comes the bucket of white paint and brush plus a little diagram to follow and here we go: a number of well placed "spots" and voila!

I think this design works on a couple of levels:
- the bay "pony" is very quarter horse looking, in demeanor and body type, which represents the early merger of the Paint Quarter Horse Association with the AHPA.
- the handprint is reminiscent of the paints' long history with the Native American and its part in the growth of the Western Frontier
- the interaction of the youngster and her very patient mount, gives recognition to the extensive support and programs the AHPA offers for youths
- the title was taken from an AjPHA Horse show which is an open, all breed event, including all youngsters, no matter what they ride, in a fun and friendly competitive outing.
- the white paint...well, it turns our lovely bay into the ultimate "Painted Pony"!!

The voting is now open. Click HERE to vote (I hope its for Paint for a Day!! :-D )

The winner of this competition will be by online voting, so please check back next week when I will be posting the link for votes. I would LOVE your support!!!