Friday, February 13, 2009

Blog Award

I'd like to thank fellow artist Laura Hardie for awarding me my first blog award!!

Please check out Laura's wonderful pastel portraits on her blog-you won't be disappointed :-)

Following the guidelines of a blog award, I would like to award "A Passion for Painting" blog award to the following wonderful artists (and keeping it to seven was a bit of a challenge).

As I follow their blogs, these artists all pass on some of their passion in some way that resonates with me personally. So thank you for your spirit and energy, your creativeness and dedication, your technical abilities and openness to share...

Congratulations to:

Susan Abbott
Annelein Beukenkamp
Carol Feldman
Tracy Hall
Andrea Joseph
Mineke Reinders
Rachelle Siegrist

And now, adhering to the second part of the guidelines, seven things I like! (in no particular order):
- popcorn, popcorn and more popcorn
- dark chocolate
- Autumn
- feather pillows
- my 'muses' Suede, Katie, Layla, Bronwyn, TJ and Carlie and Iggy and Marbles
- mystery novels
- Ireland


Laure Ferlita said...

Just received this award from someone and it had your name on it so I came to see "who" you were! Glad I did - gorgeous work.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Thank you so much, Kim. I really appreciate it.


Thanks Laura, you do beautiful work yourself; and the type is exceptional!Congrats on your award!

My pleasure Andrea, I love your work; With some of them, its like going on a little journey through the page-wonderful!

masmoulin said...

I have been chosen by watercolorists 2, one in Illinois Mineke Reinders, the other from Spain Anna Morales Puigserver for the "passion for painting" Thanks for having established this award
Good day
Best regards