Monday, December 28, 2009

Dog Portrait - "Terry"

Watercolor and Colored Pencil, 8"wx11"h

Well the feasting is over, the prezzies unwrapped and the long afternoon naps taken, time to get back to doing some work!

Remember my "nose" post earlier this month? Well, here is the rest of "Terry"

Hope everyone is having/had a wonderful holiday!!


Leslie Hawes said...

Spectacular portrait!!

Gwen Bell said...

Love everything about this...the crop, the pose, the background. What a gorgeous portrait of a beautiful little dog. Terry looks so happy and healthy. Those Fawn highlights are so great.

Edward Burton said...

Wow... BEAUTIFUL job, Kim!

Kim Ratigan said...

Thanks very much everyone; I did enjoy doing him :-)

L.Holm said...

love the profile view, and that tongue! amazing work.