Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well the miniature chickadee is finally finished :-)

It didn't take me long to do it, I was just busy with other "stuff"..too much "stuff" and not enough ART!

This is a 3"x3" watercolor and I am still musing over a title. I was leaning toward "Dinnertime" or "What's for Dinner?" but am not sure. I snuck in a little caterpillar on the side of the stump in the foreground, so one could read that the chickadee is thinking whether to go vegetarian or not...!?!

I'll have to ask my hubby for his input. He's the Title Wizard around here.

Update: So the Title Wizard is in fear of being dethroned!
I'm going with Laura Hardie's suggestion of "Food for Thought" with this painting. We think it's a perfect fit, plus it's the name of the school snack program I volunteer with!
Thanks very much Laura! (P.S. Be sure to check out Laura's
wonderful portraits on her blog)


Gwen Bell said...

Gorgeous! I can't believe the wonderful detail you put into such a small painting. I'm in awe!

Laura said...

A beautiful painting and so much detail in such a small size. I'm not much good with titles myself but 'Food for Thought' came to mind when you mentioned the caterpillar:)

Susan said...

I like 'Food for Thought'....I'm not good at titles either, but the first thing I thought of was "Don't even think about it!!" (See I told you I'm bad at it!!"