Thursday, June 17, 2010

Naming Turtles

I'm juggling two jobs right now so painting has been really slow. However, other artists are doing wonderful work and in checking some of my watched blogs, I have to share this one with you.
Steve Worthington is a wonderful sculpture who has a humorous side to his work. He has a current contest running to name this three recent sculptures; a wonderful set of turtles-- And if your names are chosen, Steve is generously giving away a mouse sculpture as a prize!

So I've sent in a few suggestions:

The "H2O" Trio (Beginning of each name spells out H2O)
HOOVER (Outgoing),
ORVILLE (slightly shy)

Trio in Motion
TURBO (Always gets there first- by a nose)
TEMPO (Steady pace)
TWINKLE TOES (Reminds me of a wall flower )

I think there's still time to send entries in...Wander over, have a look and suggest your own set of names.

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