Thursday, November 6, 2008

Old Frisket=Bad Idea

I don't normally use Frisket, but for my painting "White on Black", I wanted to get a really deep, rich background, and I needed to protect my white areas. Hence the use of this liquid masking product.

However, watercolor artists should only use FRESH Friskett, in other words not the bottle that has been sitting on the shelf for eons and eons (Did I mention I don't normally use Frisket?)

Once old, Frisket can, (and did) refuse to come off the paper, and when it finally did release, it took little pieces of fiber with it.
So, my painting for today was not salvageable and I have started it over...using a new bottle of Frisket which I have tested on a scrap piece of board (getting clever in my old age!)

Please check back tomorrow to see the new results. In the meantime, I am taking my cue from this lovely Brighthope Kennel pup I recently visited with and am going relax and go to bed-Cheers! :-)

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