Monday, December 29, 2008

Back on Track

Merry Christmas!! I hope the holidays were good to all out there :-)

While were besieged by a violent stomach flu, (which went through the family) and a bad case of "community acquired pneumonia" we still managed to enjoy a lovely, albeit quiet, Christmas with friends and family. I hope everyone out there was able to do the same, but without the illnesses!

Back to art!

"TREUE" German Shepherd - NFS
Commissioned Portrait • 11"x14" coloured pencil/watercolor
In the coming weeks I will be posting some of the Christmas commissions I had this year, plus progress reports on my entries for some upcoming shows, which all have January and early February deadlines. So without further ado, here is TREUE, a stunning GSD that I painted. The final portrait is shown with the original sketch at right. Enjoy!


Edward Burton said...

WONDERFUL portrait of Treue! Beautifully done! I also really like seeing your preliminary sketches which are also nicely done.

Kim Ratigan said...

Thanks Edward; I love it when you comment!! :-)