Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Miniature Painting-Chipmunk

"The Berry Thief"
2.75" x 3.25" Watercolour on board

Here's something to help us welcome in the summer season!

"The Berry Thief" is a miniature painting that I have been working on.
The scan is a little off, colour wise and I have some additional work to do, but I need to step back for a few days to see what has to be fine tuned.

Just to clarify, this is what I would consider to be a true miniature. This would meet the miniature requirements that many miniature artist strive to maintain:
•Minute in scale vs. life-sized. (Generally subject matter is 1/6th lifesize or smaller in scale)
•Delicate and painstaking technique that withstands magnification.
•Small in format and size. 25 inches or less for surface area.
•High in quality~ demonstrates a mastery of composition, color, values etc.

I have posted ACEOs here as well and although they are the correct size to be a miniature, I don't believe that my ACEOs are detailed and composed enough, to be a true mini
{Note: Please understand that I am referring to my work, and not all ACEO painters in general}.

For more info, check out Assocation of Miniature Artists and the Hillard Society for more information and additional links.

And if you want to see some great miniature artists (to name a few), check out:
Tracy Hall,
Wes and Rachelle Siegrist,
Linda Rossin,
Bill Mundy
Gina Morton
Joy Kroeger Beckner

Happy Summer :~)

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Tracy Hall: said...

Hi Kim, what a beautiful painting! I love the way he is peeking through the branches. I do hope this one finds its way to one of the upcoming miniature shows.