Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back on the radar!

It is crazy how fast this last month has gone...I literally have not had time to post, let alone get to my art board for any length of time.

I was working during the month, had summer camps and play dates to drive kids to and took care of a few summer projects with my husband (or should I say I directed them).

Sadly, we also lost a two very dear four-legged friends this month through quick and totally unexpected occurrences. We miss them dearly and are still somewhat shocked.

But I do have some good news this month...we are puppy-sitting! One of Suede's daughters has come to stay for a little summer vacation. She is adorable and constantly on the go, I have a few good pics and will try to put them up tomorrow.

For today, I leave you with a little sketch I did of our old Airedale, Duke.

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