Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas - Day 10

So the bride has her bouquet and loves it :-D

Here are a few more details about the bouquet and how I tried to make it unique to my sister:

First, many of the brooches were versions of snowflakes in keeping with her theme. Very beautiful pieces, and I could have added more; there were lots to choose from...

Extra-Special brooches included:

A Rhinestone Fish-both the bride and groom are avid (some may use the word obsessed) fisherpeople

A Crystal for added bling to which I attached the charms "hugs & kisses" which every marriage should have lots of!
It hangs free on the bouquet giving a little added movement.

A Rhinstone Puppy pin that represents "Justy" the couple's fabulous Blue Picardy Spaniel. She isn't part of the wedding plans (to my sister's dismay) but she is there in spirit on the bouquet, complete with her little ball!

A really beautiful (I lucked out on this one) silver and rhinestone sunflower brooch, on of the bride's favourite flowers.

A Rhinstone butterfly, as both the bride and the groom are "social butterflies" (You can see one of the snowflake brooches in this shot as well)

A Rhinstone Dragon....weird? I think not! 2012 which is the Year of the Dragon. It is also a water sign (re: see first special brooch) It is a symbol signifying success and happiness. May the celestial Dragon bring great good luck to everyone, especially the new couple! (A little hard to see- a snowflake to the right and the pearls sit behind the dragon's head and back)

A few more that I don't have pictures for are:
A Rhinstone Christmas Tree, which symbolizes the lovely season that the wedding was part of..
And some beautiful little blue and white rhinestone snowflake hair pins which came all the way from Australia. Given that the jewellery is from Japan, China, the US and Canada, it also has kind of an international flair.

Than, I added a lovely little picture of her husband-to-be in a small heart charm that hangs on the handle. A little something she can look at in secret and....

....hidden on the handle, under the bouquet is a small baby braclet for good luck and a blessing of the family to come!

Many years of Happiness and Love to Kristy and Paul!

Now, we party :-)

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