Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas - Day 7


Okay, so there's no artwork to showcase today...I got home at 10 mins to 12 last night after working all evening and got to count down the last of 2011 with my husbandXOXO.

Had a low key New Year's Day, finishing up the Brooch Bouquet for the wedding. Sorry, I can't show you now, maybe in a few days, the Bride has to see it first!

Other than that, here are my boys, Suede and Dax, enjoying the mild temps here in southern Ontario.

Here's wishing everyone the very best for the New Year-
Peace, Health and Happiness for 2012!


Debbie said...

Hello Kim,

We received the BPS Calendars today. They turned out lovely. Thank you for all your efforts and contributions in making the calendar a success. I love how Ember's picture is featured for the month of September (Sept'Ember'). Not sure if that was a coincidence, but a cool touch. Thank you everyone and all the beautiful BPS dogs.

Kim Ratigan said...

So much for Canada Post delivering in 2 days...Anyway I am so glad you liked the calendar and we never even thought of that play on words for Sept'Ember' That is AWESOME! And she is a lovely girl. Hopefully we'll get to meet her at a future picnic someday :-)