Friday, October 17, 2008

Napping Princess

"Napping Princess • 5"x5" Watercolor on Arches W.C.Board
"Napping Princess" is a little painting showing a beautiful black Great Dane (uncropped ears) as she relaxes in the afternoon sun. Danes are beautiful dogs who inevitably think they are lapdogs and no one can convince them otherwise! Truly, the canine world's largest couch potato and bed warmer :-D

This painting is available for $50.00 + 5.00 shipping.
Interested? Please contact me directly.


Tracy Hall said...

Kim this is such a beautiful painting, what a wonderful pose too! I also love the kitten and the turkey... you are doing great with these little ones!!

RomanticRoses@DorisJoa said...

This is so beautiful Kim. I really like how you paint and your style is so lovely. Are this your own pets?
I am looking forward to see your new piece.
Doris Joa

Kim Ratigan said...

Thanks very much Tracy, Doris;

To answer your question Doris, none of these are my pets; I haven't actually done my group yet!! Guess I will have to introduce them at some point :-)