Monday, October 20, 2008

Wind Wisps

• 5"x5" Watercolor on rag board
I was recently asked if any of the paintings I have posted are of my pets.
The answer is no, not I painted a lovely blenheim (red and white) King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and my model was our "grand-dog" Katie.

We have 2 cavs in the family who are both absolute dolls and regularly stay with us (Katie is madly in love with our boy Suede)
Happy, loving, little bed-hogs--BOTH of them! And tails are always, always going! :-)


Edward Burton said...

Wow, beautiful Cavalier portrait!
My wife and I have a 2 year old blenheim and she is the sweetest little thing -- you really captured the happy spirit of the breed.

Kim Ratigan said...

Thanks for all your great feedback Edward, I appreciate it.
It always amazes me how consistant this breed is; sweet and happy are great descriptions for them!