Thursday, April 9, 2009

River Watch

4"h x 6"w watercolour on acid free rag board

Here is my finished "wet" golden. He is taking a short break from his river swim, with the emphasis on "short". I don't think there is anything a golden loves more than swimming...well, maybe a tennis ball...

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Edward Burton said...

Great job, Kim. Wonderful handling of the waves and fur.

siete said...

Really good, Kim, you've attrapped the sintesis of the dog, restling for another bath, je,je. ¡Fantastic! I like it very much.

Enrique Ochotorena.

Pat said...

I love your work and have been visiting your site for a while now. You probably already are aware that your Passion for Painting award has gone all over the world. Congratulations on starting it and contributing to the encouragement and support other artists.