Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sketches and Painting with Passion

Sketch of Suede
(or "Big Dog in a Little Ball")

I needed to take a moment today to address some of the wonderful feedback (both publically and privately) people have left recently! It is really uplifting, especially when one is working on a piece that just isn't coming together.

I am also amazed with the growth of my little "A Passion For Painting" Award. I got an email from fellow blogger, masmoulin, who (being better with numbers than myself! ) figured out how many people might have received my award (in passing it on to 7 other artists) and the number could well be over 2 million!!

When I got my first blog award from Laura Hardie; I wasn't sure if we were to make a new one to pass on or not, but having a graphics background, I went for a little design of my own, and am really happy that so many people liked it AND was very pleasantly surprised to see how many bloggers took the time to link back to my site (as the award creator) when they received "A Passion for Painting". I was also tickled to have the award returned to me; Thank you very much Robin Roberts!

With my now healthy child back in school (finally!) and all this positive energy, I have planned a wonderfully quiet and creative day of painting... hope everyone else does too!

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Edward Burton said...

This is an absolutely wonderful sketch, Kim! Congratulations for the success of the award you created and for having the honor returned to you.