Tuesday, April 7, 2009


WIP- Riverwatch
Last week's DSDF challenge "wetted" my appetite to paint some more water... I am currently working on this watercolour; A very happy and wet Golden in his element; near water :-)

We had a golden in the family many years ago, before they became so hugely popular, and he loved to swim. He was a large, solid dog, beautiful in colour; a dark, burnished gold...
At the cottage, he used to sneak off down the path, across a small road to the beach where we would find him swimming away. A very obedient dog, the lure of the water was his one weakness and we finally had to start tying him up or keeping him in the cottage when we weren't down at the beach.

He lived to be 13+ and was put to sleep only because the arthritis in his hips got to be too painful.
And his name?
Why Sandy of course!

Left: A wet Sandy after a long day of swimming

P.S. That is a portrait of Sandy in my sidebar to the right. Titled "Portrait of the Old Man" and was accepted into the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine's Animals in Art Juried Exhibition a few years back.

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Robin Roberts said...

Kim - I so enjoy this post about your lab and the watercolor. Such flow - you make it look easy. I noted you originated the A PASSION FOR PAINTING AWARD, and even though I couldn't figure how to add the logo, I felt I wanted to return it to you because you inspire me. thanks!